29 November, 2013

Already home to many species of corals, the Lyon Aquarium has brand new in its premises: a coral fluorescence basin.

Purple, orange, blue, green, there are corals of all colors, we know. What is not known more, is that some species shine. Coral is an animal with fluorescent proteins. It has the particularity to absorb light of one color and emit light of a different color.

In the aquarium representative biodiversity of the Solomon Islands, several blue lights reveal the wonderful colors of corals. Also fun that informative, the phenomenon is observable in the new space located in front of the cinema, to the entrance to Hall d ‘ sea water. The aquarium of Lyon invites as many people as possible to come and discover this new pool filled with a rich color palette in an intimate and original atmosphere. And among all the small world inhabiting the Aquarium, you may find the trace of the famous Aquarion.