To avoid collections in the wild and raise public awareness of the incredible biodiversity of coral reefs the Aquarium of Lyon has been growing coral for over 5 years with no less than 20 different species.

The adventure began at the instigation of our biologists with the creation of a coral farm. The idea? To evolve our marine aquariums and recreate the reef ecosystems in order to always improve the conditions of well-being of our residents. Thus, no coral from the wild collection is present at the Aquarium of Lyon.

Our biologists are true gardeners of the sea! Thanks to the breeding program using cutting techniques but also through sexual reproductions. This corresponds to the marriage of male and female gametes released into the water by colonies of hard corals. This observation in aquarium is very rare and shows a near perfect quality of water and put forward the well-being of our reefs presented in Lyon. These are nearly 100 cuttings of corals that we produce each year. A know-how that allows us today to participate in the settlement of many other institutions as is the case for Paris, Biarritz or Montpellier.

Contrary to appearances, corals are not aquatic plants, but animals. To meet their biological requirements – irreproachable water quality, intensity and light spectrum close to sunlight – we have chosen to provide LED lighting on all our reefs. An investment that limits energy expenditure.

To learn more about our corals, come visit us or contact us!