The Aquarium de Lyon is committed to building sustainable ecosystems to reproduce almost identically the habitat of each represented geographical area. From a specific ecosystem, many studies on water quality, habitat, light, food or the cohabitation of species are made upstream of the construction of the basin.

No animal is chosen for its commercial and spectacular appeal. We optimize exchanges, donations and reproductions. Our goal is the reproduction of an ecosystem to educate the public.

The last beautiful example of our commitment is the transfer of our round-nosed guitar line. Naturally, we collaborated with PlanetOcean Montpellier to transfer it. She is now evolving with a male of the same species and a pool adapted to continue to flourish. The opportunity to implement behavioral and reproductive studies to increase our knowledge of this species and to better protect it. The choice was made not to take an animal to replace it even if the commercial attraction could suffer.

The biologists’ daily commitment to our residents adds to the desire to raise awareness, scientific progress and the protection of aquatic environments.

It is natural that the Aquarium de Lyon team up with ExploraGyre.
A project focused on the challenges of tomorrow supported by four students from the École Normale Supérieure with a quest to fight against plastic pollution in the oceans. Every year, 10 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into the oceans.

Understanding how organisms respond to plastic pollution is the basis for predicting and anticipating changes in the marine world.

The project is based on the study of fish, one of the keystones of the food chain. Never before had any expedition set itself the goal of such a vast and comprehensive study of this aspect of the problem: a first!

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