Christmas tree

An original Christmas tree!
Immediate boarding ! Go for a big hunt for clues with the help of our animators and try to discover your travel destination. By exploring the Aquarium of Lyon, you must be the most efficient to complete your ticket and thus reach your icy destination … Can you manage to find your destination?


Your event

The equipment
Included in all rental spaces: video projector, screen, wifi internet access, tables, chairs, HF microphones and tie, lectern, coffee tables and fireside chairs, high bar and bar stool.

The animations
Our scientific leaders are at your disposal and offer guided tours, focus pools, commentary on the shark pit, etc. We also work with several providers who will offer you a whole range of dynamic and original animations. Team cohesion and competitiveness will be honored!

The Aquarium of Lyon has an on-site catering service that will be able to offer you a range of quality menus, from the welcome coffee to the complete cocktail. We work with a local wine merchant to offer wines adapted to our menus. The reception rooms are our showrooms. You will enjoy your meals in the middle of our boarders … A unique experience in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

Our partners
For ever more successful events, we can count on our partners:

They trust us…
Whether it is with our local authority customers or our customers in the corporate sector, we fulfill the objectives they set for us with the same standards … Here are some examples of collaborations that illustrate some of our know-how.



CE ticketing

Reserved for the C.E. , communities, C.O.S., Amicales … etc., this system makes it possible to reconcile tariff advantages and flexibility of use:
• Tickets valid for one year from the date of issue.
• A minimum of 20 tickets purchases only.
• Undated ticketing: you come whenever you want!
Naturally attractive ..



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