A few shots of fins between Lyon of the oceans. In a unique setting in Rhône-Alpes, discover fish from around the world, from the European rivers up to the Indian ocean, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, through the African Lakes. More than 5,000 fish, 47 aquariums for almost 300 from species of fresh and salt waters from all over the world, enough to turn the head of the spectators. A discovery fun and very educational, naturally captivating. The Aquarium of Lyon, embark on a fabulous diving, the feet dry, to the discovery of the splendor of the marine world!


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Voluntary, young and dynamic, the Aquarium team is composed primarily of professionals and enthusiasts, naturally involved in the development of the site, the initiation of the public and the quality of life of the animals. At the head of this House, Yvan Boulat, former project leader at the Congress, heads the Lyon Aquarium. Pedagogy, a responsible service educational renewed continuously the activities proposed for each unique visit and raise awareness of environmental issues in popularizing the scientific discourse. On the side of Aquariology, 5 biologists is tackling the first concern of the Aquarium on a daily basis: the quality of life of its residents. A meticulous, performed work in the shadows. Serving Commercial and Communication, 4 people adapt to the needs of each target of the Aquarium to offer the product that suits them and provide the link with the press and the different institutions. Finally, as soon as its first visitors lie at the entrance to the site, the operation service starts his crazy ballet between the shop, snack and hospitality.




The Aquarium of Lyon by the numbers it’s…
  •  more of 1 million litres of water
  • 3500 fish, 47 aquariums for almost 300 species
  • 2500 sqm of spaces of visit and 2500 m² of scenes
    4 presentation rooms: freshwater temperate, tropical fresh water, sea water and room of the 5 senses
  • a basin of 450 000 L: the pit of sharks
  • more than 200,000 visitors per year
  • more than 40,000 visitors summer
  • more than 100 births in 2015
  • 19 employees
  • 25, 000 litres of sea water each week by tanker from the Mediterranean Sea. This allows to have a water more dynamic than that made on the spot
  • 1er facility of its kind to operate in a big city, away from the coast

In November 2005, Aspro Ocio group was able to give the necessary impetus to the Lyon Aquarium in his project: make his site a biotope of the seas and oceans surrounding the metropolitan France and its overseas territories. This project took 4 years to be achieved through changes to the collection plan, of all the animations and the course of the visit. The year 2006, following suffered bankruptcy in 2005, is under the theme of reflection of what might be missing out on. The year 2007 is a priority to restore life to all the activities offered to the general public, schools, the EC, companies, etc. The year 2008 marks our reunion with the Lyonnais and more than 170,000 visitors. The year 2009 is the year of all the dangers. After you change the 40 pools of the site for 3 years, it took “s’attaquer” to the pool of sharks, to integrate into our biotope project. ” A logistics heavy, for existing animals, but also newcomers of all sizes (4000 fish from 2 m to 10cm). Although sharks are absent for almost the whole of 2009, all of the work on the other 40 basins to maintain the satisfaction of our visitors. 2010 is a year to the Aquarium of Lyon its more great success, the ability to present of the end of the first quarter not only a new 500 000 L shark pool but also a whole collection of more than 1 100 000 L of water and 41 other basins through.