Beyond the entertainment, the Aquarium of Lyon integrates missions of awareness, education, research and conservation. This work is very valuable thanks to the aquariums that invest in the conservation of species.

In our basins, the proximity of the residents facilitates the implementation of behavioral and conservation studies. Today, the protection of fauna and flora is the raison d’être of aquariums, it guides all the activities of a park, whether for leisure, awareness, education, research and conservation.

The conservation of species and their environments can not be done without appropriate pedagogy for general awareness. Pedagogy and awareness are among the major missions of aquariums.

The animals presented allow to transmit a message concerning the respect and the protection of the marine world. Each animal thus becomes a kind of ambassador of its environment and makes it possible to explain to the public the fragility of its natural world.

The Aquarium of Lyon offers many tools available to visitors. You can find educational and descriptive panels in front of each pool, more general panels on major themes such as coral reefs and endangered species, educational sheets and educational workshops in the programs Academic (available for schools and leisure centers), guided tours for groups and educational events.