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Biologists and facilitators work together to offer you entertainment living, informative and invite the sharing. Tailored and in relation to the curriculum of national education from kindergarten to secondary. We stay all year at your disposal to move forward and meet your expectations. The aquatic environment at your fingertips on your notebooks as under your eyes.


Teacher's Day Educational booklet

Are you coming to the aquarium for a free visit? Download our educational sheets to enhance your visit.


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Day of the teacher

*Pour your convenience, we specify that there is no day of the teacher during the school holidays to Zone A.


The Lyon Aquarium welcomes you to participate in scientific workshops tailored to discover or deepen the knowledge of the aquatic environment. Travel from Lyon to the seas and oceans, understanding the influence of humans on ecosystems and biodiversity. A window on the world that helps to better understand to better protect.


Educational booklet   Teacher's Day


Holiday leisure centres give children a moment of relaxation and learning. Lyon aquarium we therefore offer fun workshops based on the discovery, sharing and awareness to the aquatic environment. For the holidays come around the head under water world!


Educational booklet


Invitation to travel, over the Lakes, rivers, seas and oceans, the Aquarium welcomes you for a dive in the heart of the seabed. In free or guided tour, go to the discovery of species inhabit the seas of the world.